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Differential pressure transmitters


The series V transmitters for all applications of pressure measurements.

The series V transmitters are suitable for the most demanding process environments and they cover all pressure ranges required in the industry.

The excellent temperature behaviour, many housing alternatives and the possibility to own user interface are common features for the series V transmitters.

With Satron-pAdvisor software and HART -modem it is possible to communicate with transmitters. You can calibrate, configure and diagnose the transmitters easily using Satron-pAdvisor software.

For V series transmitters the wetted materials can be chosen from the wide range of options.

VDt Differential Pressure Transmitter
To measure differential pressure and vacuum pressure. Range: 0-0,1 kPa...0-15 MPa

VDU Differential Pressure Transmitter
For clean, sedimenting, crystallizing and sticking materials. Measuring range: -0,1...3 MPa

Condensate Pot CF64
The function of the condensate pots is to condensate steam into a liquid (e.g. to protect the transmitter from heat, to prevent dribbling), to keep the liquid levels unaltered with overflow and to collect air. The condensate watertransmits the pressure to the transmitter, so that the transmitte ...