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Ball valve


Reliable, safe, excellent mounting and service valve.

PASVE ® makes it simple to disconnect the transmitter from the process without stopping the process.

The valve is opened and closed with a rotating movement of the ball. The sensor is not pushed into the process against the pressure or possible process media. It eliminates the risk of the sensitive sensor tip getting broken when the sensor is connected to the process and allows reliable and durable special seals.

Various design solutions, materials, actuators, limit switches and process connection options enable the suitability of PASVE ® pH to almost all industrial processes.

PASVE ® is the registered trademark of Satron Instrument Inc.

PASVE Ball Valve
PASVE® is a ball-type mounting & service valve for SATRON VG type level and pressure transmitters.

PASVE® pH is a mounting/service valve for pH sensors.

Pasve BA Mounting & Service valve
PASVE® BA is a ball-type mounting & service valve for SATRON VL- and VDtL - pressure and differential pressure transmitters and also for Satron HPS hydraulic pressure seals.

Pasve Dual Mounting & Service valve
PASVE® DUAL is mounting and service valve for two pH sensors of diameter 12 mm. It can be used with practically all pH sensors in this size category.